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BEIJING, Jan.4(Reuters)- On the afternoon of January 3, at a regular press conference for the All-China Lawyers Association, Jiang Min, vice president of the National Law Association and press spokesman, released the \"China Lawyers Industry's Most Concerned Event and Person of 2019.\"


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, various kinds of thematic activities have been organized by lawyers organizations throughout the country, with more than 100 versions of the \"I and My Country\" theme music film, with more than 10,000 lawyers actively participating in it; through the recognition activities, the lawyers have been guided to follow the example and focus on their mission; through the performances of literature and art for the new era to express their feelings and salute lawyers; through the exhibition of literary works, calligraphy and painting works, photographic works and so on, to express their true feelings and lens records; through various kinds of competition, to advocate the new trend of hard work and service for the people in the lawyer industry.


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 40th anniversary of the restoration and reconstruction of our lawyers system. In the past 40 years, under the leadership of the Party, Chinese lawyers have devoted themselves to the great historical process of reform and opening up, achieved their own leapfrog development from small to large, from weak to strong, from home to abroad, and made remarkable achievements in their development. Lawyers from all over the country organized various forms of memorial activities, leaving trailblazers moving forward on the scale, writing the struggle to pursue the dream of the Huazhang.


Since the launch of the second batch of \"never forget the original ideals and aspirations and keep in mind the mission\" theme education, the national lawyers profession has accurately grasped the target task of the subject education, made studying Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the fundamental task of the subject education, and strengthened the education of lawyers in patriotism. During the period of subject education, party organizations and lawyers from all over the world have pushed through measures such as strengthening the armed forces of theories, enriching the carrier of activities, and carrying out extensive public legal services to promote further education on the subject of lawyers.


In 2019, the Ministry of Justice and the National Law Association continued to increase their support for the development of the foreign-related legal services industry, promoting the establishment of branches of Chinese law firms outside the country to better serve the opening of all sectors of the world and the construction of the "Belt and Road" service: the publication of the National List of Thousand Foreign Lawyers, the enactment of the "Regulations on the Administration of the Records of Foreign Branches of Law Firms ", the establishment of the" Belt and Road "Law Alliance, the holding of the World Lawyers'Congress and the" Foreign Law Service Lecture Hall ”…… At present, Chinese law firms have set up 126 branches in 31 countries and regions in the world, and nearly 10,000 domestic lawyers handle foreign-related legal affairs in 2018, covering anti-dumping anti-subsidy investigation, foreign-related intellectual property disputes, overseas investment and financing and other fields.


From December 9 to 10,2019, with the approval of the State Council and the guidance and support of the Ministry of Justice, the National Law Association held the first World Bar Congress in Guangzhou. Some 800 government officials from 57 countries, members of the judiciary, lawyers and delegates attended the meeting. On 8 December, Wang Junfeng, President of the National Law Association, was elected as the first president of the \"Belt and Road\" Lawyers Union, which was established at the initiative of the National Law Association in Guangzhou. During the meeting, the participants discussed \"Belt and Road\" and \"Legal Services \", with the theme of\" Science and Technology Progress and Legal Services \". The Minister of Justice, Fu Zhenghua, met with the delegations of the Ministries of Justice of various countries attending the meeting, and the National Law Association held a round-table meeting and signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation between foreign lawyers'associations.


Reasons for selection: rule of law in China, rhythm of the world, lawyers service \"Belt and Road\" to build a new platform, lawyers international exchanges and cooperation into a new stage, lawyers to participate in the world rule of law construction to open a new chapter.


On October 18,2019, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice jointly issued the Circular on Further Safeguarding and Regulating the Interviewing Work of Lawyers in Detention Centres, making arrangements for the timely arrangement of lawyers'meetings in detention centres according to law and standardizing the conduct of lawyers'meetings, and explicitly proposing a platform for appointment of meetings, exploring video interviews, strengthening the construction of meeting rooms, and allowing lawyers to bring computers to meet with them.


On May 6,2019, the Ministry of Justice held a National Lawyers'Work Conference in Chongqing, where Minister Fu Zhenghua, Secretary Yuan Shuhong and Deputy Minister Xiong Xuanguo attended and spoke. The meeting thoroughly carried out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Central Political and Legal Work Conference and the Second Meeting of the Central Committee on the Comprehensive Rule of Law, summed up the achievements made by the lawyers system in the past 40 years, analysed the new situation facing lawyers'work, and made comprehensive arrangements to further improve the work of lawyers in the new era, promote the party building and foreign-related legal services in the legal profession, and give full play to the role of lawyers in the overall administration of the country according to law.


Reasons for selection: service and the goal of the standard party and the state, strive to write a new chapter in the work of lawyers in the new era, the cause of lawyers in our country ushered in a greater development at a new historical starting point.


On October 23,2019, the Ministry of Justice issued and interpreted the Opinion on Promoting Lawyers'Participation in Public Legal Services. This is the first special document issued by the Ministry of Justice on public legal services for lawyers.Through organizing, guiding and supporting lawyers to actively participate in public legal services, we will promote the institutionalization and standardization of public legal services for lawyers, and build a public legal service system covering both urban and rural areas, with high efficiency, convenience and equal benefits, and a network of legal services in the whole business and all time and space to enhance the people's sense of access, happiness and security in the overall administration of the country according to law.


As of January 1,2019, the Measures on the Administration of Public Lawyers formulated by the Ministry of Justice, the Measures on the Administration of Corporate Lawyers, have officially come into effect. Measures shall standardize the terms of office, procedures, duties, supervision and administration of the two public lawyers, promote the wide coverage of the two public lawyers in party and government organs, people's organizations and state-owned enterprises, and explore a pilot project for lawyers of private enterprise companies. In recent years, the ranks of two public lawyers in China have developed rapidly, and by the end of 2019, there were more than 10,000 public lawyers and more than 10,000 company lawyers in the country.


On March 29,2019, Fujian Union Trust Law firm and the Fujian Joint Venture Office of Taiwan Guanghe Institute of Legal Affairs were listed in the Xiamen District of Fujian Free Trade Test Zone. This is the first joint office of the Mainland and Taiwan District Law Firms approved by the People's Republic of China since the promulgation of the Circular of the Ministry of Justice on Relaxing the Three Open Measures to Expand the Regional Scope of Law Firms in the Mainland. The two parties may, in the name of joint ventures, conduct legal affairs on the mainland and Taiwan, or cooperate in cross-border and international legal affairs.


On June 30,2019, on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the national lawyer profession party building work advanced typical recognition and experience exchange meeting was held in Qingdao. The meeting commended 97 advanced party organizations,201 outstanding party members and lawyers and 50 outstanding party workers in the country's lawyers profession, and made exchanges and speeches among 21 advanced and typical units and individuals in party building work. Among them, the party committee of the national lawyer profession named zhao yuelin, a lawyer of sichuan, as \"the outstanding communist party member of the national lawyer profession \", which was the first outstanding party member lawyer of the party committee of the national lawyer profession.


Chen Xian, female, lawyer of Anhui Kairen law firm. In September 2019, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China in a grand way, to learn the heroic deeds, to carry forward the spirit of struggle and to cultivate the new people of the times, the Central propaganda Department and other departments awarded 278 individuals and 22 collective \"most beautiful strivers\" titles. Among them, Chen Xian lawyer who participated in the volunteer action of Chinese legal aid for six years in a row won the title. In celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china, mr. chen, dressed as a lawyer, boarded the \"democracy and the rule of law\" square colorful car and was reviewed by party and state leaders and the people of the whole country.


Gao Zongze, male, lawyer of Beijing Jindu Law firm; Wu Jinyan, male, public lawyer of Beijing Market Supervision Administration. Lawyer Gao Zongze,80 years old, is the first Chinese lawyer to participate in the conference of the International Lawyers Union as a practicing lawyer. Wu Jin-Jing, a public lawyer, has been engaged in administrative reconsideration and law enforcement supervision for a long time, representing a large number of administrative lawsuits every year, examining and examining the large administrative penalty cases submitted for examination by the lower organs, and handling a total of 1,223 cases of administrative reconsideration, with an annual average of nearly 300 cases. On December 4,2019, Gao Zongze's lawyer was awarded the CCTV 2019 annual homage award, and Wu Jin drill's lawyer was awarded the CCTV 2019 rule of law figure.


On March 21,2019, the Ministry of Justice published a list of thousands of foreign lawyers in the country, and 985 lawyers from 30 provincial administrative regions were selected, covering nine fields of foreign-related legal services, for the reference of relevant departments and enterprises and institutions in the selection and employment of foreign lawyers. In the past 40 years, Chinese lawyers have made their way to the world, playing an important role in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and citizens. At present, China's law firms have established 126 branches in 31 countries and regions, with more than 100,000 Chinese lawyers handling foreign-related legal affairs each year.


On July 11,2019, the launching ceremony of the \"Aid-Aid Lawyers Service Corps\" was held in Lhasa, where 68 lawyers from 22 provinces (districts and municipalities) throughout the country conducted a one-year voluntary legal service in Tibet. In recent years, the Ministry of Justice has sent 152 voluntary lawyers to Tibet to handle more than 8,300 cases of various kinds of legal aid for needy groups, received more than 150,000 legal advice, wrote 20,000 copies of various legal documents on behalf of them, and handled 230 cases of major cases (matters), thus avoiding and recovering 100 million yuan for the parties concerned.


On November 28,2019, the All-China Women's Federation awarded the titles of 996 units and 995 comrades in the national advanced collective and individual for safeguarding the rights and interests of women and children. Among them, Ningbo Bar Association and other 19 lawyers industry organizations, Beijing Qualcomm law firm Ma Lan and other 91 lawyers were recognized. On March 6th, the All-China Women's Federation, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Association, awarded 300 women the honorary title of \"National March 8 Red Flag Hand,\" in which four lawyers, including Li Lin, the law firm of Qiming in Heilongjiang, Wang Xiaoping, the law firm of Beijing Yingke (Nanchang), Peng Jing, the law firm of Chongqing Jingsheng, and Xu Shue, the law firm of Yunnan Qiantai.


Chuang zhuo, male, lawyer of jiangsu fade yongheng law firm. On February 15,2019, the National Law Association invited grass-roots practising lawyers to attend a press conference for the first time to introduce its case handling experience and practice experience. \"I can't watch the law go down in this case because I'm not only a practicing lawyer but also a Communist. Lawyer zhuang zhuo introduced his firm belief in the rule of law with the six lawyers of the institute, insisted on handling cases according to law, and made unremitting efforts to defend his client's innocence for 13 years, and finally got high attention and praise from all walks of life.


Reasons for being selected: believe in the rule of law, adhere to the rule of law, let the concept of the rule of law deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, lawyers start from every case, let the people feel fair and justice in every judicial case.


Cai Shen, female, lawyer of Shanghai Chengjian Law firm. On August 3,2019, at the age of just 35, she died of a brain glioma, and her family donated organs and remains in accordance with their wishes, and six were given new life for their organ transplants. Over the past five years, nearly 100 legal aid cases have been handled. Her former colleagues recalled that mr. tsai was enthusiastic and had not handled a major case, but she had done it with the utmost enthusiasm in even the most trivial and unremarkable cases.


On August 29,2019, the Central United Front Work Department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce jointly held a commendation meeting in Beijing, awarding 100 non-public economic figures and new social class members the title of \"excellent socialist cause builder with Chinese characteristics\" to further encourage the broad masses of non-public economic personages and new social class personages to firm their ideals and beliefs, adhere to high-quality development, consciously, honest and law-abiding, and actively assume social responsibilities. Among them, Beijing Dacheng law firm lawyer Peng Xuefeng, Hubei Shen Jiantong law firm lawyer Cao Yinong was selected.


From October 18 to 27,2019, the 7th World Military Games was held in Wuhan, China, the first comprehensive international military sports event hosted by our country, and the legal service guarantee work provided by the local lawyers group in Wuhan was highly praised by the Organizing Committee and international friends. Among them, Hubei Dewei Junshang law firm serves as the executive committee legal adviser; Hubei today law firm provides franchise trademark protection; Hubei Zhongsan law firm is committed to legal risk prevention and control; Hubei Guosen law firm and Hubei region military transfer law delegation are awarded volunteer service units by the executive committee.

推荐阅读  近年来,以电信网络诈骗为代表的新型网络犯罪迅速发展蔓延,犯罪分子借助通信工具和现代网银技术实施诈骗活动。国务委员、公安部部长赵克志多次召开党委会专题研究,部署全国公安机关集中开展“云剑”行动,严厉打击这类新型网络犯罪。

In recent years, the new type of network crime represented by telecommunication network fraud has developed rapidly, and criminals use communication tools and modern network silver technology to carry out fraud activities. State Councilor Zhao Kezhi, Minister of the Ministry of Public Security, has repeatedly held special research on party committees, and deployed the national public security organs to focus on the \"cloud sword\" operation to severely crack down on such new types of cybercrime.


The 15th session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress (NPCSC), which is being held, deliberated on the People's Republic of China's National Code (Draft). What are the highlights of the first law in the history of New China called the Code? What regulations will affect our lives? The reporter interviewed relevant experts and scholars.